What is Proactive College Funding℠ ?

This college funding program is specially designed for small business owners that make too much money (is there such a thing?) to qualify for financial aid.

If this sounds like you, then our team of tax specialists can help you simply and easily cover college costs using past, present, and future tax opportunities!

Is this the right program for me?

This is a good fit if you:

  • Are a small business owner or self-employed

  • Make too much money to qualify for financial aid

  • DON'T qualify for merit scholarships

  • Pay more than $25,000 in Federal income taxes

  • Have kids that are looking at expensive colleges with price tags of $50,000+ year

  • DON'T want to exhaust your savings or cash-flow to pay for college

  • DON'T want to sell property to pay for college

  • DON'T want to sacrifice your business goals to pay for college

  • Looking for unique ways to use tax opportunities to fund college

  • Looking for GUARANTEED ways to PAY LESS using the tax code